Should Casey Anthony Buy Death Insurance?

You can't turn on the news without seeing Casey Anthony's face. If you are with me, I think the jury let a murderer free. Where did they get those morons? I know she was acquitted and found innocent, blah blah blah. Would you let her baby sit your kids?

Public outrage is causing some to worry about the "alleged" child killer's safety. The problem is not if she should get life insurance. I think it would be a great investment for her, one her named beneficiary might collect on shortly. The issue is, it's not a good investment for the life insurance company has to agree to it.

Heartless as they seem, life insurance underwriters are still human like you and I. They still turn on CNN or Nancy Grace, just like we do.

But I digress. There are really two issues here. What kind of company would insure her and who would she leave the money to if someone does make good on their death threats? And I am talking about hundreds of death threats. A few of them probably mean business

She is perhaps both the most recognized and most hated woman in America (I've even heard the world). And she's not exactly a 220 lb OJ. And even OJ had limits, he never killed a child.

When even pornographers will not stoop low enough to do business with Casey Anthony (even they have standards), will a life conservative insurance company? And what happens to the life insurer that does write her a policy? Will protestors march on their office? And if one of those death threats becomes a reality, the insurer could lose way more than they can recover in any paltry premiums she's unlikely to come up with.

Many life insurance companies are over 100 years old, and they are experts at determining risk. Being a convicted felon, Life insurance would be hard to get for Casey Marie Anthony. Being a felon automatically places you in a high risk category. because of her past criminal history. They will find out she was incarcerated for 3 years and for what? Murder.

Being a felon automatically places you in a high risk category because of what they classify as a "potential lifestyle hazard." Still, a policy with limitations might be offered, if she was a normal convicted felon.

And with her daughter Caylee dead (and an apparent killer still on the loose), who would sweet Casey leave the money to? And she is apparently insolvent at the moment. How we she afford the sky high premiums any carrier would not doubt charge her?

One possibility is to go with an international life insurer like AIG. Even though the case has gotten international exposure, she might still fall through the cracks and not be recognized by the time the policy is issued. AIG is not new to horrible PR or bad investments. It might be a perfect partnership for both of them.

And then there is material misrepresentation. Casey Anthony has issues with the truth. If you lie to a life insurer about who you are and your situation, and die (or are helped into death) within two years, you are still within a "contestability period" where the life insurer does not have to pay.

If they find out about one of her numerous lies, the insurer can even sue her for fraud. A normal course of action would be to get life insurance through an employer. They again, who will hire her?

Should Casey Anthony Buy Death Insurance? Maybe. Can She? Probably not.

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