About Craig Casey, the Purveyor of Deathinsurance.Net

Isn't that stranger when people use the 3rd person? Thanks for looking. I do not sell insurance directly to the public, this is an info site only. I can make recommendations and give you financial advice, but I do not make direct commission off anything you buy.

I get paid when you shop! And shop is something I've never regretted doing. In fact, almost every time I've shopped for my own insurance, I've saved money or optimized my coverage in some way.

Even if you are thinking about canceling your insurance, take a moment, get some rates and maybe you find something cheaper. As a former insurance agent, I have seen my Agents and GAs sell their clients high commission products. Or compete for a vacation or other spiff and get clients into a less competitive product. That is not what you want!

I am 44 years, 4 kids, and spend my "free" time coaching wrestling, gardening, bread making, and spending time with family, not in that order. I've been in financial services for 15 years, so I've lost a lot of money and learned some hard lessons.

There is deeper music in losing money and swallowing some bitter pills, so if you follow some of my advice, you won't have to lose (as much at least) as I did.

Buzz me if I have any questions or enjoy the info, and thanks for coming!

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