Are You High A Risk for Life Insurance?

Most people have any idea if they're high risks or not because of a medical issue. Did you know you can also be high risk if your background includes:

A mental illness or treatment for depression in the last two years
A past dependency on alcohol or drugs
Three or more traffic tickets within the last three years
Piloting non commercial within the last two years
Living or traveling outside the United States
Tobacco use of any kind within the last five (5) years
A criminal history including misdemeanors or felonies especially domestic violence
A DUI or reckless driving offense within the last five years
Having a hazardous job or hobby within the last two years

How does the insurance company find out all this?

Your insurance application
Medical Information Bureau (MIB)
Blood & urine test
Your Insurance Agent's report
DMV report
Your doctor's file on you
Physical weight & measurements
Medical interview

What do you do if you're high risk?

Consider a burial policy
Get a guaranteed issue or graded life policy
Buy several (graded) policies if the maximum benefit is too low.

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